Spring/Summer Transformation

8 Week Transformation

Spring/Summer Challenge

14/10/2019 - 8/12/2019

The FitLife AU transformation challenges are unlike any other on the market. We understand that every person is different. Everyone that walks through our door has unique goals, body types, capabilities and limitations, which is why we tailor our programs to suit each individual. This isn't a generic online program sent to the masses. This is 100% face-to-face and personalised for every individual who signs up.

Choose your primary goal; fat loss, lean muscle (shred), or strength & size (gains). Receive a goal-specific program booklet and meal plan, which is then tailored to YOU and your age, gender, goals, lifestyle, fitness and experience level, and health status.

NO age restrictions. NO prerequisites. Suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels!

Are you ready to become the fittest, healthiest version of you? Are you ready to work with an expert trainer who will design a program that is 100% specific to your individual wants and needs? The FitLife AU Spring Transformation Program will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals, all you have to do is commit!

Program starts 14 October 2019. Limited spaces available.

What's included?

- Before and after body composition testing and photos

- 1 x 30min personal training session per week

- 1 x 45min exclusive transformation group training session per week (Monday's at 7pm)

- "Unlimited Access" Membership

- Goal-specific meal plan

- FitLife AU training shirt

- Fitness testing

- Personalised exercise program and individual class/open floor schedule

- Access to exclusive Facebook group

- Home workouts

- Seminars, information nights and some other surprises!

- 24/7 trainer support

- End of program celebration

- Great prizes up for grabs

Worth well over $1,400!

Cost: $60 per week*

*$20 discount offered for upfront payment


Here's what some of our previous participants have said about our transformations:

"I saw some pretty awesome results with FitLife AU's transformation challenge. I made huge improvements in my strength, fitness and body composition! Laura is amazing at what she does and the classes and programs are suitable for all fitness levels. You will get the results, you will love the training environment and you will not be disappointed!" - Jodie

“I did a transformation challenge last February with the express goal of losing weight. I was very happy with my results - 11 cm from my waist but what I learnt during the challenge was far more valuable than just weight loss. Laura's tailored training program, attitude and approach really inspired me to love being fit and I actually love lifting weights now. . The classes are always different, challenging and rewarding and keep me coming to the gym every week which is not something I have achieved before” - Megan

“After completing the 8 week challenge, I have a new respect for myself and what I can achieve given the right support and training from Laura. At the start, I admit I felt like a failure but as the weeks went by, I found my strength and abilities changing. Loved the Monday night group training sessions, I always looked forward to seeing what I could achieve! The combination of open floor, group fitness and PT sessions and consistency helped me achieve the great results I had at the end. - Amy

“As the oldest person in the group I wondered how I would handle the challenge.  It all went very well, I was pushed out of my comfort zone (in the nicest way) and found that as the weeks went by my strength improved noticeably, particularly in my ‘weak area’, my thighs. I can now squat and stand up again comfortably and am increasing the weights I use. As I don’t want to lose what I’ve gained I am continuing at Fitlife AU in the Seniors Strength class and enjoying it.” - Pam

“I have trained at many gyms and tried all sorts of styles. I have also tried a fair few transformation type programs. I can tell you that Laura's classes are on the money. You have got to put the work in, sure, but as a more experienced gym goer I was very pleased with quality of the training on offer. I will keep coming back to this gym” - Peter

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