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Learn correct basic-level boxing technique; footwork, punches and combinations, while increasing the heart rate, developing strength and power, and raising a sweat.

Calorie Burner

A metabolic conditioning class utilising a mix of high intensity weight training and high intensity cardiovascular exercise. Designed to burn calories quickly and efficiently, promote a decrease in fat-mass and improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance.


A 30 minute class consisting of a range of safe and effective exercises designed to strengthen and tone your deep core and pelvic floor muscles. Suitable for those suffering from back pain/injury and women who have experienced abdominal separation during pregnancy (with doctor consent)

Express HIIT

30 minutes of high intensity interval training designed to improve cardiovascular health and muscular endurance.

Hard Abs

30 minutes of intense abdominal exercise designed to give you that deep ab burn, and promote strength and lean muscle growth. Not suitable for those suffering from back pain/injury or women who have experienced abdominal separation during pregnancy.


A mix-up class that may include any high or low intensity weighted or body weight exercise. Classes may be strength-based, cardio-based, circuit, HIIT, boxing, bootcamp-style, stretch and mobility, skill… who knows? It’s a surprise!


A skill-based movement class designed to improve strength, stability, mobility, and overall body functionality.

Patonga Fitness

Undertaken in Patonga Beach Progress Hall and costs $10 for 1 hour of exercise. Classes include strengthening and toning and light cardiovascular exercise.


Lower intensity classes designed for older people of all fitness-levels. Circuit - circuit-style body weight, resistance, and light cardiovascular exercise. Movement - strength, stability and mobility/range of movement. Strength - resistance and body-weight exercise promoting strength, muscle-growth, and bone density improvements

Strength & Conditioning

A combination of strength training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and mobility/stability exercises, designed to increase strength, speed, power and endurance, and to improve flexibility, mobility and stability


Weight training, designed to increase muscle-mass, strengthen and tone.


Yoga - A 60 minute dynamic and fluid mind-body movement practice that cultivates a moving meditation of breath, body and awareness

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